Prof.ssa Mary Louise Wardle  Associato 2010-2011 
Dip. di Studi europei, americani e interculturali 
Corso di studi in Mediazione Linguistica e interculturale 
Ricevimento:  consultare la mia pagina sul sito del dipartimento (Studi europei, americani e interculturali)
Moduli 2010/2011:
Lingua inglese   II   LM  
Lingua inglese   I   LT  
Traduzione inglese   I   LM  
Lingua inglese   I   LT  
Lingua inglese   I   LM  

Elenco unificato dei moduli:
2009/2010 - 2010/2011
Mary Wardle graduated in French and Italian Studies from the University of Reading (UK) where she also carried out her postgraduate studies in The Theory and Reception of Italian Cinema. She has been working at 'La Sapienza' since 1992, first as an English Language Lettore and, since 2005, as Associate Professor in English Language and Translation Studies. Throughout this time she has taught at all levels B.A. (Quadriennale V.O. and Triennale), M.A. (Perfezionamento and Alta Formazione V.O. and Specialistica/Magistrale) and Ph.D. (Dottorato).
Research interests include Translation Theory, especially from a historical perspective, the phenomenon of Retranslation, Translation and Paratexts, Translation Studies and Teacher Training, Publishing History.
She is also a freelance translator.